Read the text and answer some questions above​
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INessaStarovoit 1 год назад
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1) Social networking system are web-based systems that aim to create and support specific types of relationships between people and share documents.
2) You can register on the website, fill in the application form and customizer the profile. Also add some friends.
3) You can discuss common interests etc.
4) It is destined for different aims: business, talking, meeting, relationships.
5) Friendster. It has grown up in just months.
6) Some of the members don't want to be connected with «friends of friends».

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fwrukhsaupphxdx 1 год назад
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1) It's a big net for communication.

2) You can be invited by friendscanbefriendsfriendsfrifriendscanbefriendsfriendends oroororoorrooroororoorroorooroor


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