2. Choose the correct form of the verb

1. The lecture__________at 9 o’clock

a) is starting c) will starts

b) starts d) will have started

2. ___________you________me at the library?

a) Will you meet c) Are you going to meet

b) Are you meeting d) Will you have met

3. Tomorrow at 5 o’clock I won’t be at home. I________tennis.

a) will play c) will have played

b) will have been playing d) will be playing

4. Look at clouds – it ________in a few minutes.

a) will rain c) will be raining

b) is going to rain d) will have rained

5. I hope it_________snowing by the time I have to go out.

a) will stop c) will have stopped

b) is going to stop d) stops

6. There______________a lot of snow in February

a) will be c) will have been

b) is d) is going to be
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marshmelov9696 1 год назад
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  1. b)
  2. a)
  3. a)
  4. c)
  5. a)
  6. b)



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hasanova06 1 год назад
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1. starts

2.are you going to meet me

3.will be playing

4.is going to rain

5.will stop

6.will be

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