3. Put the verbs in brackets into the Future Tenses

1. The baby__________(born) in December.

2. He __________(sleep) at 5 am tomorrow.

3. Sarah ___________(study) French for 2 years by Summer.

4. He _____________(paint) my portrait by June.

5. We must hurry up! The train ____________(leave) in 5 minutes.

6. We___________(give) this kitten to our son for his birthday.

7. He__________(clean) the house by 4 pm.

8. Bob and Jack go to the cinema. I_____________(go) with them.

4. Fill in: into, out, up, down

1. The burglars broke……….the shop and looted it.

2. Mike and I have broken………..

3. The fighting broke……….in the morning.

4. Our car broke……. about 5 kilometers out of the city and we had to walk home.
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We feed the chickens every morning at 6.30.He is thinking of changing his job.I really have to go now. My plane leaves at 6.30.We are going to the cinema tomorrow afternoon. Would you like to come with us?I am studying in my bedroom at the moment, but I can join you in the park later. Hurry up! The play is starting in ten minutes. He leaves early in the morning every Friday .

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