Срочно нужно поставить профессии 5 Now use the words from Ex. 4 to complete the sentences.
1 A: Paul is crazy about cars. He even knows
how to fix them.
B: Yes, he\'s really good. He wants to be a(n)
4 A: What does Sara do?
B: She works as a(n) nurse
at the local hospital.
5 A: What\'s wrong?
B: My tooth hurts. I\'m afraid I need to see
2 A: I like this T-shirt, but I need a bigger size.
This one doesn\'t fit.
a(n) dentist
B: Let\'s ask the shop assistant
3 A: Do you know how to make your own blog?
B: It\'s easy. You don\'t need to be an)
to do that!
6 A: I think there\'s something wrong with the
fridge. The milk isn\'t cold enough.
B: Mr White is an)
Let\'s ask him to have a look.
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1.В: а
2. A computer programmer
6. A waiter

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