написать текст на тему \"My favourite kind of sports\"про танцы и спорт в помещении
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My favorite sport is dance. This is part of my life. Now I can't imagine life without dancing. Sometimes I can't even walk, I dance. I dance every day. A favorite style for me has always been disco. Because of this style of dance can not only show their physical training, but also dance, show your feelings. The beauty of this dance is fascinating and makes you feel free, forgetting the troubles and problems. For the dancer, age is not important to love what we do and dance. Dancing seem easy and requires no effort, so those who does not dance, will never understand. The dancers are also working diligently with other athletes. Dancers always in good shape.
I think dancing is a form of art and sport. And I am sure that dancing for me is not just a sport, it's my way of life.

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