24. While we ... for the train, it started to rain.
a) waited
c) was waiting
b) are waiting
d) were waiting
25. The police officer said that every house in that street ... already by the police.
a) search
c) had been searched
b) were searched d) searched
26. There is going to be a big art exhibition. It... a lot of visitors.
a) attracts
c) has attracted
b) will attract
d) attracted
27. The result of his investigation ... in the newspaper soon.
a) publish
c) will be published
b) be published
d) is published
9 28. When they arrived home, their children... outside the door waiting for them.
c) was sitting
b) are sitting
d) were sitting
29. We... a new computer not long ago. Now the job will be done much more quickly.
a) had bought
c) bought
b) was bought
d) have bought
30. He was sorry that he ... to me for so long.
a) didn\'t write
c) hadn\'t been writing
b) haven\'t been writing d) hasn\'t been writing
a) sit​
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