4 ACTIVATE Follow the steps in the writing guide. O WRITING GUIDE A TASK Write a review of a book which you have read recently. B THINK AND PLAN 1 What\'s the title of the book and what type of book is it? 2 Who wrote it? 3 What\'s the setting and who are the main characters? 4 What did you like most about it? 5 Has it got a good plot or any very memorable scenes? 6 What did you think of it overall? 7 Would you change any part of it? C WRITE Paragraph 1: Introduction I\'d like to recommend ... Paragraph 2: Details The book is ... .... Paragraph 3: Opinions The things I liked most .... Paragraph 4: Conclusion All in all, ... . D CHECK order and content of paragraphs • phrases for facts and opinions​
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