5 Use the words in brackets to join the sentences. 1 Ayakoz saved money. She bought a theatre ticket. (to) Ayakoz saved money to buy a theatre ticket. 2 I was reading all day. I didn\'t finish the book. (although) 3 We travelled to Nur-Sultan. We met the author. (in order to) 4 He went upstairs to his bedroom. He wanted to read in peace. (so as to) 5 She used her credit card. She ordered a new book online. (to) 6 Erkin knows the author well. He hasn\'t read any of her books. (in spite of) 7 I\'m studying English Literature. I want to become a teacher. (so that) 8 Her book was amazing. She didn\'t win the competition. (despite the fact)​
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2. Although I was reading all day, I didn't finish the book.

3. We travelled to Nur-Sultan in order to meet the author.

4. He went upstairs to his bedroom so as to read in peace.

5. She used her credit card to order a new book online.

6. In spite of knowing the author well the fact that Erkin knows the author well, he hasn't read any of her books.

7. I'm studying English Literature so that I can become a teacher.

8. Despite the fact that her book was amazing, she didn't win the competition.

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