срочно помогите люди домашне з англійської
Choose the correct answer.
1 You can’t get access to the programme until you … your log in.
a) will register b) have register c) registered
2 We had been using land-lines until cellular phones … .
a) have appeared b) appear c) appeared
3 They won’t return their books until they … them all.
a) have read b) will read c) won’t read
4 We will take the dog for a walk when it … raining.
a) will stop b) stops c) stopped
5 Will you explain the problem when she … here?
a) have arrived b) arrives c) will arrive
6 When I … time, I’ll paint the house.
a) have had b) will have c) have
7 I won’t get married until I … a job.
a) will get b) get c) got
8 When I … next June, I will have been working for this company
for 25 years.
a) retire b) will retire c) will have retired
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