СРОЧНО СДЕЛАЙТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!! Task. Choose ONE of the topics to write an article of about 120-150 words length. Assessment criteria: 1. The content should be relevant to the task 2. Follow the structure of the newspaper article 3. Connect ideas logically 4. Use subject specific vocabulary on the topic Plealthy 5. Produce error-free sentences. HABITS OB Topic 1. Write a newspaper article about healthy habits into school flewspaper. Speaking Topic 2. Write a newspaper article about how social media affect teenagers lives!​
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Healthy habits are about taking care of your own body. A healthy lifestyle has been the leading trend around the world for several decades. During this time, the backbone of the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle has been formed, inherent in any person, regardless of country of residence, nationality, age and gender. Quitting bad habits, physical activity and balanced nutrition are universal recipes for a long and healthy life. The first is physical activity, the second is the correct diet, the third is a healthy body weight, and the fourth is moderate alcohol consumption. Do not forget that with a healthy lifestyle, a person lives on average 6 years longer than a person who does not comply with it.


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