Task 2. Complete sentences in Present Simple Tense 0. Ted often eats in a restaurant (eat). 1. Mary her dog every day (walk) ? 2. Her grandmother in the village near the city (live). 3. All companies their goods on TV (advertise). 4. My brothers lots of money on clothes (spend) 5. Train to Moscow at 10.25 (leave). Task 1 Write a short topic in 5-6 sentences about your best friend or about member of your family. ПОСТАВЛЮ 35 БАЛОВ ​
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  1. does Mary walk her do every day ?
  2. ... lives in the village...
  3. advertise
  4. ...spend lots of money...
  5. ...leaves at ..

I want to tell you about my best friend. for the first time I met him/her 2 years ago. her/ his name is . . she / he is . years old . also my best friend is so smart and always can help me if I want it . we don't go for a walks so often , but if we go it's always so interesting.

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