Разделительный вопрос . Проверьте хвостики в конце.правильно или нет.
1. She was sleeping at 3 o\'clock after dinner, wasn\'t she?
2.We are playing funny games, aren\'t we?
3.My younger sister played puzzles last night, didn\'t she?
4.He didn\'t work at a factory a week ago, did he?
5.This car costs too much for us, _______? тут не знаю
6.The sportsman can\'t speak French, can he?
7.Dont take all the money , ______? не знаю
8. I\'m very old, aren\'t I ?
9.Bill will be back early today , won\'t he?
10.He never hangs out with his friends, did he?
11. Let\'s make a snowman, shall we?
12.We have never been in the USA, have we?
13. They had spoken to their teacher , hadn\'t they?
14.Sam came from Wales, didn\'t he?
15.She looks like you, don\'t she?
16.He can speak French, can\'t he?
17.She has been working hard, hasn\'t she?
18.Iam very tired, aren\'t I ?
19.Be happy , ________? Не знаю
20. Let\'s sing a song , shall we?
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vikch2018 1 год назад
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Ответ: 1 правильно, 2 правильно, 3 правильно, 4 прааильно, 5 doesn't it, 6 правильно, 7 do you, 8 правильно, 9 правильно, 10 doesn't he, 11 правильно, 12 правильно, 13 аравильно, 14 правильно, 15 doesn't she, 16 прааильно, 17 правильно, 18 правильно, 19 don't you, 20 правильно


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