write an article about \"why leisure time is important in a human life?\" (100-120 words). Use some connectors and linking words but, and, because, when, while, etc

follow the plan :
• Introduction : state your opinion
• Reasons : write advantages and disadvantages of leisure time. Try using phrases like \"firstly\", \"secondly\" or \"in addition\" to introduce your reasons
• Conclusion : give your own opinion.
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What do you think people should do in their free time? Of course, most will answer: rest and relax. But let me disagree with you.

In my opinion, it is necessary to rest at your leisure, but rest should not be meaningless and useless.

I believe that in his free time from work, a person should raise his cultural and aesthetic level, find time to get in touch with the world of beauty.

Attending theaters, exhibitions, museums, I get more pleasure than sitting in front of a TV or computer. When I read a good book, I really get some rest. Many people know the generally accepted truth: in a healthy body there is a healthy mind.

Going in for sports at your leisure is not only beneficial, but also very exciting.

I really like to walk along the embankment, I like to be alone with nature. I am delighted with the autumn leaf fall. Crimson, yellow leaves smoothly fall under my feet, and I walk along the endless multi-colored carpet.

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