First Conditional

I. - Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

a. We will pass (pass) the examination if we study hard.

b. If you______________________ (go) to see this film, you will have a good time.

c. If he _______________________ (play) sport, he will live longer.

d. She _______________________ (not be) an architect if she doesn’t go to university.

e. They ________________________ (ring) us if we give them our phone number.

f. If we ________________________ (not solve) the problem, we won’t get the prize.

II. - Write sentences using the first conditional.

a. the weather / be good we / go /to the beach tomorrow.

If the weather is good, we will go to the beach tomorrow.

b. you / go / to school on foot you / be / late.


c. I / have / money I / buy / you a present.


d. I / do / my homework I / find / my notebook.


e. My mum / give / me five pounds I / do / the washing-up.


f. We / spend / our holidays in Spain we / visit / Valencia.


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  1. go
  2. plays
  3. won't be
  4. will ring
  5. don't solve
  6. if you go to the school on foot you will be late
  7. if I have money i will buy you a present
  8. if i find my notebook i will do my homework
  9. my mum will give me five pounds if i do washing up
  10. if we spend our holidays in spain we will visit valencia

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