Mother\'s advice!

Harry came to his mother one morning and said to her, \'No one at my school likes me, Mother. The teacher\'s don\'t, and the children don\'t. Even the cleaners and the bus drivers hate me\". \"Well, Harry,\" his mother answered. \"It is such sad news. Perhaps you aren\'t very nice to them. If a few people don\'t like a person it may not be his fault; but if a lot of people don\'t, there is usually something wrong with such a person and he really needs to change. \'That\'s good advice, Mother,\' Harry said. \'But I\'m too old to change. I don\'t want to go to school.\' \"Don\'t be so silly, Harry,\" his mother said. \"You have to go. You have things to learn. And besides that, you\'re the headmaster of the school.\'
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Raising children is truly an art. Unfortunately, not every mother can raise a good child, and these 10 tips, which experts insist on, are especially intended for mothers raising daughters.

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