write a letter about your visit to Iceland (20 sentences) по тексту на фото. будь-ласка допоможіть дуже треба з англійською біда. якщо не здам цей лист завтра за тематичну буде 1
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ste0fa 1 год назад
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Hello and hi there,

I had the supreme pleasure of visiting your sunny (not quite in temperature but certainly in disposition) shores the other week, and thoroughly enjoyed the various local kerfuffles and monkeyshines.

Though I must concede the component that took me the most aback and sent me into fits of flabbergastation was the unflagging courtesy of Reykjavik drivers. Coming from Los Angeles, I’m basically a rivulet of red smeared across a roving Prius grille typing this correspondence. Most Angelenos are just a collection of red stuff and teeth festooned all over the flank of a car. Read: Visit LA and run the risk of vehicular maiming. It’s just the very nature of Southern California. London has fog. LA has thoughtless, perpetually-late-for-jazzercise drivers. Drivers eager to plow into you if it’ll shave off a few more minutes off PCH traffic.

So suffice it to say it was most refreshing to waltz around Reykjavik and actually make eye contact with drivers and have them stop and give pedestrians the right of way. One saint of a commuter actually waived his right of way (gnarling traffic momentarily) and waited while I crossed the street. I was weeping from the selfless gesture.

So I commend and applaud the fair people of your city. Take this both as a lauding of the Icelandic people and a scathing indictment of shitty American drivers. I tip my hat to you… spilling brain matter in the process, as it doubles as a makeshift tourniquet I fashioned after a particularly invigorating hit-and-run this morning.

It’s good to be home.

Yours concussedly,



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