Choose the correct options to complete the
0 David is going to study/ will study in the US next
1 Football practice is going to begin / begins in the
autumn this year.
2 Jack will have / is having a party on Saturday.
Have you got an invitation?
3 Martin won\'t win / isn\'t going to win the race. He
hasn\'t done enough practice.
4 Ralph and Mark are playing/ will play for the
school team next term, so they\'re already training
5 When I get home, I\'m going to watch / I\'m
watching football all evening.
6 In three years\' time I\'ll be / I\'m being much taller
than I am now.
7 Mum is going to help me / helps me with my
homework tonight
8 Our bus leaves/ is going to leave at 7 am – don\'t
be late!
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nelaromaweva 1 год назад
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will study

to begin

will have

isn't going

will play

I' m watching

I'm being

helps me

is going

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