Task 1. Read the text. Complete the sentences with the words in the box. In Britain some families feel that learning at home is better than going to school. Home-schooled children can choose when they want to learn. Does this sound more enjoyable than school? Adrian is a science prodigy and he wants to start university by the age of fourteen. He finds school lessons easier than most children, but making friends more difficult. At home, he can spend more time on his favourite subjects and is preparing to take many of his exams early. Does he ever take a break? ‘Yes,’ he says, ‘I don’t study subjects I’m not interested in.’ Holly’s parents weren’t happy with the local school, so they made a decision to teach her at home. Her favourite subject is history and she often goes to museums to study. ‘I couldn’t do that before,’ she says. ‘This is more interesting than school was.’ Her parents are always happy to help her. Adrian and Holly love learning at home, but some people think that studying at school is more useful because it trains you for adult life. It teaches you to be with people you don’t like, but it can also help you to make friends. Are these things more important than lessons? What do you think? Likes university learns subject parents 1 Adrian wants to start________________ when he’s 14. 2 He only studies things that he___________________ . 3 History is Holly’s favourite__________________ . 4 She______________ at home and in museums. 5 Holly’s__________________ help her when she needs something.​
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1 university

2 interested in

3 subject

4 studies

5 parents


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