Do you think social etiquette is important for everyone?
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beruvrot228 1 год назад
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Etiquette is a very important part of universal culture, developed over the centuries by all peoples in accordance with their ideas of goodness, justice, morality, as well as beauty, order, improvement, household expediency.
It is our behavior, speech, manners, style of clothing, ability to stay in society that testify to the level of our culture and moral education.
Our success, both in public and private life, largely depends on the impression we make on others.
The main types of etiquette are: state (court), diplomatic, military, religious, general civil.
General civil etiquette has several subspecies: business, secular, canteen, ritual, etc.
Any etiquette is based on the rules of courtesy, culture of communication and local traditions that contribute their own peculiarities.
In any case, etiquette is an important component of our lives

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