1) Do you have a library card? If so, how often do you borrow books from the library? 2) Have you ever used a library full of English books? 3) Do you like the atmosphere of libraries? 4) How the Internet will change
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KrutayaAysu 1 год назад
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1. Yes I have a library card. I borrow books once every 3 months

2. No I have never used library full of English books. Usually libraries that I visit have books in Russian language.

3. Yes, I do. Libraries are.so quiet and peaceful. I can do my work without any unnecessary distractions. Furthermore, it is full of informational books that help with my studies a lot!

4. Вы не написали вопрос до конца но я думаю вы наверное хотели спросить How the Internet will change the function of libraries или что то типо этого

The use of internet changes the development of libraries. Libraries use internet for acquisition or cataloging functions. In addition, libraries can increase the number of library users by providing the information in libraries through internet

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