Passive Voice
1. Поставить глагол в нужное время пассивного залога

2. Grammar rules (learn) by heart.
3. Rare animals (protect) in many countries.
4. This scarf (make) by my granny yesterday.
5. A test (write) by us tomorrow.
6. The same shirts (wear) by all the members of our team..
7. Dinner (cook) by my mother every day.
8. This film (show) to us last week.
9. Our village (surround) with a forest.
2. Выпишите из предложений глагол в пассивном залоге, определите его время, переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. Tomatoes are grown by my mother.
2. The translation was written by my sister yesterday.
3. The meeting will be held next Monday.
4. E-mail was sent by my brother.
5. The house will be built next summer.....
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7 Dinner cook my mother every day

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