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Society (3)decided to hold a competition. Painting is one of the many  

activities the centers offer, this was not a very difficult task. What was

tough however was(4) choosing one from the many masterpieces that the  

chimpanzees (5)have created over the years. In (6)keeping with the current trend,  

the society (7)asked members of the general public to vote for their favourite  

on its website. The results (8)were announced on August 29th, 2013. And  

the winner is Grandma Brent! The happy chimp who loves (9) laughing  

and (10)playing has a very unique painting style. She uses her tongue instead  

of a paintbrush! In second place was Save the Chimps by Cheetah. Born

in the 1970's Cheetah (11)spent 19 years of his life (12)living alone in a laboratory

where he (13)was made to undergo over 400 biopsies. Since he (14)was rescued,  

he (15)has discovered his passion in life - painting!


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