1. Read and complete the sentences with words and phrases. female, the company logo, French, oldest film company, short films The Gaumont Film Company often called just Gaumont, is a French main film studio founded by the engineer-inventor Leon Gaumont in 1895. It is the first and (1) in the world. The company began producing (2) in 1897. Leon Gaumont\'s secretary Alice Guy-Blanche became the first (3) director. From 1905 to 1914, its Cite Elge studios were the largest in the world. Gaumont began producing full-length feature films in 1908. Most of the Gaumont\'s films are in (4) ; however, there are some films in English, such as Luc Besson\'s the Fifth Element. Leon Gaumont chose the daisy as (5) because it was his mother\'s favourite flower and her name was Marguerite (Daisy). The logo was changed many times since that time but there has always been a daisy. ​
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1) oldest film company

2) short films

3) female

4) French

5) the company logo

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