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Task A

1. The students are never late.

2. They always do their homework.

3. It rains here hardly ever.

4. We don't usually watch TV in the morning.

5. I am very quiet sometimes.

6. We eat meat, hardly ever.

7. What time does the lesson usually finish?

8. The doctor is often here at half-past seven.

9. The tour boat never leaves from here.

10. Do you often go to that snack bar?

11. At the weekend, Kim sometimes gets up at eleven.

12. My watch isn't always correct.

Task b

2. I always have breakfast with my family.

3. My father usually reads the paper.

4. We're often tired in the morning.

5. I hardly ever get up before 7 a.m.

6. I never drink coffee.

7. He's sometimes late.

Task A(2)

Hi, Carl. Are you free on Thursday evening?

No, but what about Friday or Saturday?

What time's good for you?

Saturday evening's good. What do you like to do?

How about going to the theatre?

Great! What's on?

It's Macbeth by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Sounds good. When does the play start?

At half past seven. When do you want to meet?

How about meeting at seven o'clock? At the theatre?

Ok. See you there.

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