Сделайте предложения вопросительными.

1. We are gathering apples in the garden.

2. Mary is listening to music now.

3. I’m sweeping the floor in the kitchen.

4. The cat is running after the mouse.

5. The boys are making a plane.

6. The wind is getting stronger.

7. You’re building a nice house.

8. I’m taking a bath now.

9. A woman is feeding the chickens.

10. They are trying to catch a taxi.
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1.What do we collect in the garden? 2.What is Mary doing now? 3.What am I doing in the kitchen? 4. the cat is running after whom? 5. What are the boys doing? 6.what about the wind? 7.What kind of house are you building? 8.What am I doing now? 9. the woman feeds whom? 10. what do they do?

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