Reported (indirect) speech to Direct Speech - Exercise 1 Change the following sentences from indirect to direct speech. 1. Jerry said (that) he would be busy. Jerry, \" 2. Lilly told me (that) she preferred rainy days. Lilly, \" 3. Anna said (that) she studied at Harvard. Anna, \" 4. Harold said (that) he was playing chess with his grandad. Harold, \" 5. Lucas told me (that) he would sleep outside. Lucas, 6. Mason said (that) he had talked to his girlfriend the day before. Mason, \" 7. Children said (that) they couldn\'t understand the rule. Children, \". 8. Emma told me that she had already bought the tickets. Emma, \" 9. Mother told me not to be late for dinner. Mother, \" 10. Clara said (that) her son was afraid of lightning. Clara, \"​
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Ответ:1 I will be busy

2 I prefer rainy days

3 I study at Harvard

4 I am playing chess with my granddad

5 Iwiil sleep outside

6 I talked to my girlfriend yesterday

7 We can't understand the rule

8 I have already bought the tickets

9 Don't be late for dinner

10 My son is afraid of lighting


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