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Sport plays an important role in live of modern people.21 century is the time of beautiful body.Everyone wants to look good and be in a good condition.

Most of my acquaintances work out every morning to keep fit.They watch what they eat and do physical jerks as they want to be in a good shape. Some people even go to the gym and it really helps to be healthy and makes people more organized and disciplined.

Personally I get a lot of pleasure when exercising.I think sport makes me stronger and improves not only my body shape but also prolong my life, makes me more resilient.

Unfortunately ,a great number of people still don't realize the importance of sport and keep ignoring it .They leadsedentary life and don't notice that they actually ruin their health.

To sum up I think people should practice sport more regularly to keep a youthful shape and have a great stamina.

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