For a 1) ........... days every year, visitors to Sarasota have
to watch 2)
pavement artists have turned the streets into an open air
art gallery
As the festival begins, each artist\'s creation slowly comes to
life while the public look on. But visitors have to 3)
attention, the 3D chalk drawings are only seen properly
when they are 4)...... from the right angle. After the
drawings are finished, they can step right into them and
pose with elephants, balance along an imaginary circus
wire or jump into a huge hole!
The art at the festival is created 5)......... the best street
artists from around the world.
As well 6) ........... the 3D art, there are other 2D creations
on pavements and walls. Musicians, dancers, acrobats and
other street performers add to the lively atmosphere in the
streets. The best thing is that everything is free to
participate in!
This is a fantastic festival, but 7)........... are two problems
When it rains, the artists have to rush to cover up their
artwork. Also, after the many hours of work, what
happens to the artworks at the 8)........... of the festival
They are simply hosed off the pavement!
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