помогите по английскому I can на фото страница 53 6 класс​

или надо оTветить на вопосы которые подписаны e.g.?


сейчас нужно


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1. Borshch came from Ukraine.

2. In large bowl, mix cottage cheese with sour cream. Gradually add the flour, semolina, salt and sugar. Beat eggs. Carefully knead. Leave the mixture for 20 minutes to semolina swelled.Preheat a frying pan with plenty of vegetable oil. Form small balls, which are neatly spread on a pan.Fry until Golden brown on both sides. (cheesecakes)


4. When do you usually have breakfast?

I have it at 6 o`clock.

5. A: Would you like some cheese?

B: No, thank you. I don`t like cheese.

6. Do you like the lanch in carteen?

No, i don`t.

7. Lay the napkin on your lap. Do not reach across the table for food

8.Cutlery should be at a distance of 10 mm from each other and plates. On the left is a fork, and on the right is a knife, like a spoon. The fork should lie with the teeth up, and the knife with the blade towards the plate.

9. After the call, immediately take your seat in the classroom or office.


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