помогите, пожалуйста, даю много балов​
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aneliasultanalieva 1 год назад
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  1. shouldn't eat
  2. should have
  3. should breath
  4. shouldn't stay up
  5. should take a rest


  1. should walk
  2. shouldn't eat
  3. should wear
  4. shouldn't drink
  5. shouldn't fly


  1. when should we go to bed
  2. where should I go
  3. when should she go to bed
  4. why should helen do exercises
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woooosh 1 год назад
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1) We shouldn't eat so much food
2) You should have
3) You should breathe
4) Shouldn't stay up
5) Should take a rest
1) You should walk around 2 miles everyday. This would increase blood flow to your intestines and help your bowels to digest food.
2) You shouldn't eat too much chocolate, didn't you listen what the doctor said about your habit?
3) You should wear a seatbelt every time you get into a car.
4) You shouldn't drink a lot of juice, it contains so much sugar.
5) You should fly tomorrow, please, sugar, I've watched this "Final destination" movie and i'm really scared.
1) when should we go to bed?
2) where should i go?
3) what should she do?
4) when should she go to bed?
5) why Helen should do exercise?


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