4 вопроса по тексту Feeling down? Stressed? Or unwell? Before you visit the doctor, why don\'t you get a pet? Here are a few reasons why a pet can change your life! You\'ve had a bad day. You go home and your pet runs to welcome you. Doesn\'t that cheer you up? It just shows how a pet can help you calm down/And that\'s not true only for cats and dogs. You can relax even if you watch fish in an aquarium! A pet can become a child\'s best friend and a great teacher at the same time Children who look after pets learn to be more responsible. They also become more sociable, so they can make friends more easily. 30 Nowadays, people work long hours and they\'re very tired, so they don\'t take up a sport. However, having a dog is good for you because you need to take it for a walk It\'s great exercise and don\'t worry, your dog will always want to go out./ Sometimes people are unhappy and lonely because someone they know has moved away or they\'ve lost a loved one. Lots of people, especially old people, find that they feel better if they\'ve got a pet. But remember! Find out everything you can about the specific animal before you get it. Choose carefully and don\'t forget a pet is for lifel помогите пожалуйста
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1. How pet can change your life? 2. Why you should choose a pet carefully? 3. Can pet help you with your problems? 4. Why especially old people have a pet?

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