10. You
take your umbrella. It is not raining.
11. Ron doesn\'t see well. He
wear glasses.
12. Danny
play the guitar when he was ten years old.
13. You
go out in the rain without a coat.
14. The teacher says we
eat in the classroom.
15. I
meet you tonight because I want to go to sleep early,
16. It was raining yesterday so we
go on a picnic.
17. My father has back (2:) problems. He
carry heavy things.
18. I was happy that Ron
go to the party last night.
19. All soldiers
wear uniforms
20. You
wear a hat in the sun. It\'s very important! a
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1)Do not take you umbrella. It is not raining. (.. бери свой зонт. На улице нет дождя) ты написал бери свой зонт потому что на улице нет дождя?

2) правильно. во первых заметил что рон - мужской род значит does.

составлено верно ( Рон не видит хорошо. он носит очки)

3  Danny was playing the guitar when he was ten years old. Это было в определеный момент в прошлом, шел процесс) Дэни играл на гитаре когда ему было 10.

3)You must not go in the rain with out your coat.

4)teacher says, that we will eat in the classroom.I did not met you tonight because I wanted to go sleep early


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