Напишите личное письмо на тему \"что я думаю о будущем?\" на английском. На 90-120 слов, по шаблону:
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xeniaksu13 1 год назад
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Ответ: адрес: 46 Pushkin street

                        Moscow 542210


             Дата: 31st Janu­ary, 2022

Объяснение: Dear Ben,

Thank you for your last letter? I was happy to get it. Sorry I haven't written for so long because I was busy at school.

So, last time I think about our future. Future schools will be also different from where we study today. I think that education will become distant. It means that students will be able to study from their homes, sitting in front of their computers. I’m sure many things will have changed by future. For example, people have already started caring about nature and its resources more. Another future advance involves space flights. Even at present days people are interested in flying to the Moon or Mars.

I have to go now. And what about you? Tell me what you think about our future. Write back soon.

With love,


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