Поставьте в форму Present Perfect
1) I just... (get) a letter from him.
2) Her parents .... (buy) a new car.
3) you (be) in the library? Not yet.
4) Not. (read) this book / already.
5) She ... (not/give) me the keys.
6) Never ... (swim) in the ocean.
7) Since my childhood I ..(live) in New York. 8) She ... (not/ be) in the theatre.
9) My friend... (break) the clock.
10)...hey (forget) about it / already?
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1) I just have got a letter from him

2) Her parents have bought a new car

3) Have you been in the library? Not yet

4)Not . Have you already read the book?

5) She hasn't given me the keys

6)Never has swum in the ocean

7) Since my childhood I have lived in New York

8) She hasn't been in the theatre

9) My friend hasn't broken the clock

10) Have they already forgotten about it?

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