2 138 Look at the map of Kazakhstan and choose the correct words in the text. Then listen and check. 0 Ong ago ny listen a There are forests / lakes in the north and west. In the centre of the country there is a \'steppe / lake called Saryarka and a \'desert / mountain called Aral Karakum. Kyzylkum and Moyunqum are in the south. There are three long rivers / deserts in the south: Syrdarya, Shu and Ili. In the south-east, there is a big Flake / river called Balkhash. The mountains / forests in the east are called the Altay and in the north-west there are the Urals and the Tian Shan. а RUSSIA Petropavi Kostanay Kokshetau Oral Pavlodar Aktobe . Astana Atyrau Karagandy Oskemen 7 Sea Aktau Caspian Baikonur Kyzylorda (Aral Taldykorgar Sea Almaty UZBEKISTAN Shymkent Taraz KYRGYZSTAN CHINA TURKMENISTAN​
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1. Forest

2. Steppe

3. Moumtaim


5. Lake



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