написать две инструкции по поведению в местах с повышенной природной опасности на английском пожалуйста дам 25 баллов​ хотяб одно плиззз
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Hello, evryone.

Before you start climbing up, you ought to pay your attention at these basic rules to avoid bad consequences.

1)You mustn't climb to the top of the canyon without masters

2) You need to attach ropes to yourself as it's shown at the picture below

3)You mustn't unleash ropes even if you stand on the solid surface

4)you must take an extra equipment, which consists of 3 lights, 5 ropes,

3 hooks

5)if you see that your master has sent 3 light signals to you or you feel sick, you should send 5 light signals back and throw down the end of the longest rope to you master

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