There are four umbrellas here. ________is yours?

a) What

b) Who

c) Which

d) How

e) Which one

4. How long _____ to cross the Atlantic by ship?

a) is it

b) does it need

c) does it take

d) does it want

5. I don’t remember what ________ at the party.

a) Kate was wearing

b) was wearing Kate

c) was Kate wearing

6. Do you know _____? Yes, I think so.

a) if Jack is at home

b) is Jack at home

c) whether Jack is at home

d) that Jack is at home

7. бронхит

a) severe

b) bronchitis

c) frequently

d) to spread

8. I am going to buy ________.

a) hat and umbrella

b) a hat and umbrella

c) a hat and an umbrella

a) an hat and a umbrella​
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Ответ: 3. e)Which one 4. c)does it take 5. a)Kate was wearing 6. b)is Jack at home 7.

b)bronchitis 8. c) a hat and an umbrella


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