6. Change the following sentences from active into passive. Some of the verbs are intransitive and cannot be changed:

1. My uncle will meet you at the airport.__________
2. Our plane will land at 6:30.______________
3. My mother prepare the food._____________
4. The baby was crying in his crib._____________
5. Mike is working at the factory.______________
6. We walked after the work yesterday.___________
7. Pupils read different stories at their literature lessons.__________________​


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1. You will be met at the airport by my uncle.
2. Это предложение в Passive нельзя переделать
3 The food is prepared by my mother.
4 не переделывается
5 не переделывается
6 не переделывается
7 Different stories are read at their literature by pupils.
В задании так и говорится,что некоторые предложения нельзя переделать в passive

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