Complete the sentences by choosing the correct answer. You also need to say if the sentence is the zero or first conditional. 1. Ifl am sad, I watch / will watch a funny movie. 2. If it snows this winter, I build / will build a snowman. 3. If the coronavirus cases are lower in a month, I travel/ will travel. 4. If eat/ yill eat healthy this week, I will feel better. 5. If it rains, the street gets/will get wet. 6. If you don\'t put ice cream in the freezer, it melts/ will melt. 7. If I go / will go to the party tonight, I won\'t stay long. 8. If you drink too much alcohol, you get / will get drunk. 9. If you exercise, you lose / will lose weight. 10. If they get / will get married, I will be very happy.​
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2)will build

3)will eat

4)will travel


6)will melt

7)will go



10)will get

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