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3When is __________________________? (the birthday/ your sister)
4. Do you like ________________________? (the colour/ this coat)
5. Write your name at ___________________? (the top/ the page)
6. What is _________________________? (the address/ Jill)
7. What was ________________________? (the cause/ the accident)
8._____________in near the city centre(the house /my parents)
9.________is very good (the spoken English /Maria)
10. For me the morning is ___________________ (the best part/ the day)
11. ____________________is very interesting. (the job/ my brother)
12. The car stopped at ____________________. (the end/ the street)
13. ___________________ is blue. (the favourite colour/ Pat)
14._________are very thin (the walls /that house)
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3.When is your sister's birthday?

4.Do you like the colour of this coat?

5. Write your name at the top of the page

6.What is Jill's address?

7.What was the cause of the accident?

8.My parent's house in near the city centre

9. Maria's spoken English is very good.

10.For me the morning is the best part of the day

11. My brother's job is very interesting

12.The car stopped at the end of the street.

13. The favourite colour of Pat is blue.

14. The walls of that house are very thin.


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