Дайте краткие ответы на вопросы в Present, Past, Future Continuous:
Образец: Are they writing the test in English now? –Yes, they are. – No, they are not.
1. Is the secretary typing our papers?
2. Are you helping your mother to cook the dinner?
3. Am I reading your thoughts?
4. Is he waiting for his girlfriend?
5. Were you wearing this dress at yesterday\'s party?
6. Was father read¬ing newspapers at dinner again?
7. Was I talking in sleep?
8. Were they quarrelling when you came in?
9. Was the bus going the wrong way?
10. Shall I be carrying my heavy bags myself?
11. Will they be discussing this question at the meeting?
12. Will you be seeing her tomorrow?
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1. Yes, he is. - No, he isn't.
2. Yes, I am. - No, I am not.
3. Yes, I am. - No, I am not.
4. Yes, he is. - No, he isn't.
5. Yes, I was. - No, I wasn't.
6. Yes, he was. - No, he wasn't.
7. Yes, I was. - No, I wasn't.
8. Yes, they were. - No, they weren't.
9. Yes, it was. - No, it wasn't.
10. Yes, I shall. - No, I shall not.
11. Yes, they will. - No, they won't.
12. Yes, I will. - No, I won't.

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