1. You (be) a beautiful baby.
2. I (not read) her latest book.
3. (you visit) India?
4. My great-great-grandmother (live) in Glasgow.
5. Columbus (not discover) America: the Indians already (know) where it was.
6. Amazing news! Scientists (discover) a new planet!
7. Who (give) Shakespeare his first job?
8. How many times (you be) in love!
9. I (never enjoy) a holiday as much as this one.
10. ‘(you hear) the thunder?’ ‘ No, nothing wakes me up.’​
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Pluvick 1 год назад
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You will be a beautiful baby

I have not read her latest book

Have you visited India?

My great-great-grandmother has lived in Glasgow

Columbus has not discover America: the Indians already knew where it was

Amazing news!Scientist have discovered a new plant!

Who has gave Shakespeare his first job?

How many times have you been in love?

I have never enjoyed a holiday as much as this one

'Have you heard the thunder' 'No, nothing wakes me up'

Будем надеятся, что это правильно

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