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1) When we came home, our friends were waiting for us.

2) Aijan WAS WATCHING TV when she HEARD this beautiful song.

3) As I WAS SPEAKING on the phone, someone KNOCKED at the door.

4) While it WAS RAINING heavily, they WERE WATCHING a film.

5) When I BROKE my leg, I was ROLLER SKATING. 6) Syrga WAS BRUSHING her hair, when she SAW a snake.

7) Bolot WAS PLAYING a computer game when his friend PHONED him.

8) Why WERE you CHATTING to Karim while I WAS EXPLAINING how to work with a computer to you? 9) Asan WAS SADDLING his horse when Uson ARRIVED home from school.

10) While the sheep WERE GRAZING at the pasture, a couple of wolves ATTACKED them.

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