Can we play in the park? - Yes,
Can I buy milk in this shop? - Yes,
Do dogs drink tea? - No,
Does his cat drink milk? – Yes.
Do you teach your dog? - Yes,
Does your dog listen to you? - Yes,
Does his aunt help him? - No,
Are cats and dogs friends? No.
Can Kate and I sing well? - Yes,
Can you and Tom ride? – Yes,
Must Tom and I read? - Yes,
Must Ann and Tom run? - No,
Can they ski well? - Yes,
Has your pet got a house? – Yes,
Can fish swim? - Yes,
Can fish fly? - No,
Are you and Tom friends? – Yes,
Do they like hockey? - Yes,
Does Jane love her cat? - Yes,
Does your brother play chess? – Yes,
Can your uncle ski well? - No,
Is your birthday in May? - Yes,
Do you swim in the river? - No,
Has your uncle got a car? - Yes,
Has his aunt got a house? – No,
Have his brothers got a bike? Yes,
Do pupils often read? - No,
Can your friend write poems? - No,
Docs Ann like to skip? - No,
Does his cat like to swim? - No,
Do Tom and you ski? - Yes,
Would you like some juice? - Yes,
Would you
like a sandwich? - No,
Do you have lunch at school? - Yes,
Does he have dinner at home? - No,
Would he like some meat? - No,
Have you and Tom got a dog? - No,
Do you have soup for lunch? - No,
Would they like to play? - Yes,
Do you have many toys? - Yes,
Does Tom have strong hands? - No,
Is it time to get up? - Yes,
Is it time to go to bed? - No,
Do they have a big house? - Yes,
Have they got a big garden? - No,
Would Ann like to buy a doll? - Yes,
Can Ann buy this doll?
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1. Yes, we can

2. Yes, you can

3. No, they don't

4. Yes, it does

5. Yes, I do

6. Yes, he does

7. No, she doesn't

8. No, they don't

9. Yes, you can

10. Yes, we can

11. Yes, you must

12. No, they mustn't

13. Yes, they can

14. Yes, it has

15. Yes, it can

16. No, it can't

17. Yes, we are

18. Yes, they do

19. Yes, she does

20. Yes, he does

21. No, he can't

22. Yes, it is

23. No, I don't

24. Yes, he has

25. No, she hasn't

26. Yes, they have

27. No, they don't

28. No, he can't

29. No, she doesn't

30. No, it doesn't

31. Yes, we do

32. Yes, I would

33. No, I wouldn't

34. Yes, I do

35. No, he doesn't

36. No, he wouldn't

37. No, we haven't

38. No, I don't

39. Yes, they would

40. Yes, I do

41. No, he doesn't

42. Yes, it is

43. No, it isn't

44. Yes, they do

45. No, they haven't

46. Yes, she would

47. No, she can't

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