Task I. Read the text and complete the table with information from the text.
Kazakhstan flora and fauna: nature, animals, birds
Kazakhstan flora and fauna overview
Over six thousand kinds of plants are growing in Kazakhstan. There are about 500
kinds of birds, 178 kinds of animals, 49 kinds ofreptiles, 12 kinds of amphibians, 107 kinds
of fish. There are more than ten thousand kinds of insects.
Kazakhstan flora and fauna facts
Northern Kazakhstan is forest-steppe; to the south - steppe, there are semi-deserts and
-sandy deserts with saxaul thickets. The coniferous woods are located on slopes of mountains.
The plateau Usturt of Kazakhstan, located between Caspian and Aral seas, is a slightly
hilly deserted plain, faintly covered by wormwood; only in widely widespread hollows are
black saxauls. Western chink is especially picturesque, which height achieves 340 meters.
Only in Kazakhstan live such rare animals as Trans Caspian urial, long-needle hedgehog and
some wild cats: caracal and deser cat. Here are a lot of slim goitred gazelles, deserted birds.
The slopes of Northern Tien Shan are covered with fur-tree woods, and Western Tien
Shan - with the low bushes and meadows. There are nut-trees with woods, the tops are
covered with eternal snows and glaciers.
It is possible to meet fury ounce, Tien Shan brown bear, Siberian ibex, famous
lammergeyer, the scope of which wings reaches more than three meters, Snow cock (it calls
also mountain turkey), snow vulture, griffon vulture, golden eagle.
In the Altai Mountains of Kazakhstan, covered with taiga woods you will meet a giant
moose, beautiful maral, the smallest deer - musk deer, famous sable, chipmunk.
The steppes of Kazakhstan are magnificent. The special charm to them is given by
fresh and salty lakes, on which are thousands of waterfowls and coastal birds submitted tens
kinds of ducks, geese, gull, sea swallow, herons.
There is a protected unique pine wood. A lot of predatory birds are living in
Kazakhstan steppes, such as imperial eagle, falcons.
The deserts of Kazakhstan are rather original. Basically, it is extensive clay plains,
_covered by bushes. For Kazakhstan deserts are most typical reptiles - Central Asian turtle,
the largest lizard - grey monitor lizard (lives only in Kyzyl-Kum desert), many kinds of
geeko and 17 kinds of the snakes.​
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1) Altai Mountains:
habitat: covered with taiga woods
plants: woods
animals: giant moose, maral, musk deer, chipmunk

1) Tien Shan:
habitat: northern:woods, western:meadow
plants: nut trees
animals: Tien Shan brown bear, Siberian ibex, lammergeier, golden eagle, etc

1) The plateau Usturt of Kazakhstan:
habitat: hilly deserted plain
plants: black saxauls, western chink
animals: Trans Caspian urial, hedgehog, wild cats

1) Kazakhstan steppes:
habitat: fresh salty lakes, steppes
plants: pine wood
animals: ducks, geese, gulls, eagles, falcons, and some predatory animals

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