Помогите с проектом по английскому.
Что создали в англие, написано должно на английском. ​
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The science of Great Britain in the 19th century was considered the leading one in the world. In the 20th century, it lost its primacy to US science in importance. But still, the UK has a lot of things that can impression us. This category includes transport: the first engine and bicycle. Electrical appliances: multi-stage jet steam turbine, electromagnet, stereo sound, internal combustion engine, and even an iron. Antibiotics were the first medicines, they were also invented in the UK and spread around the world, finally don’t have to find herbs and make medicines from them. The propeller was also invented for ships. In the 19th century, the job "Photographer" appeared, 'cause the camera and camera roll. And then the Internet with the HTML programming language, which are still using millions programmers...

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