Read the text again and complete the dialogue. Do you like 1 __ football, Ben? I don\'t, but my brother does. I like 2 football on TV. Do you like 3. ar football on TV? Yes. I do. And I like 4 ootball too. Be My brother likes 5 football He often plays on Sundays. at the Alyt: What does your mother like 6 weekend? Do you Ben She likes 7 and 8 play tennis, Akyl? Alyt No, I don\'t. I can\'t play tennis. Does your father like 9 tennis? Ben: Yes, he does. He sometimes plays with my mother on Sundays. 4) Work in pairs. Read the dialogue. помогите плжалуйста​
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1 play.2 watch.3 see вроде ну или как 2. 4 watch.5 play.6 watch at the.7 tennis. 8 he. 9 play.

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