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По Can/Can\'t, There is/ are, Have/ Has, To be.
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lilegorodnikovoj 1 год назад
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1. is 2have 3.is 4Maria can swim but she can't ride 5.Methew is from China. He is a Chinese. 6.When is your birthday?
7.There are 10 desks in the classroom.
8. Can you ride a horse? No, I can't.
9. Where are your books? They are in my schoolbag
10.My house has two floors. On the first floor there are three bedrooms and a bathroom.
11.Ryan's father is a travel agent.
12.I have a little sister. She is a baby.
13. There are four people in my family.
14.My mother has blond hair and she is energetic.
15.My father has a driving licence, he can drive a car.
16.I have a best friend. Her name is Andrea. She is from England. She is British.
17. David can't live without...
18.My birthday is in September.


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