Choose the correct item.
1 My dad ..... at the bank.
A work C is working B works D are working
2 “Are you doing anything tonight?” “I ..... late.”
A is working C work B works D am working
3 This car ..... to the Managing Director.
A belongs C belonging B is belonging D belong
4 “Tim is working late again.” “He ..... work before 6 o’clock.”
A leaves rarely C rarely leaves B is rarely leaving D rarely doesn’t leave
5 My plane ..... at 10 in the morning.
A leaving B leave C leaves D are leaving
6 Everyone in my office ..... on a teambuilding course this week.
A are going C is going B goes D go
7 “When ..... his new job?” “His first day is Monday.”
A does Philip start C Philip starts B is Philip starting D Philip is starting
8 “What ..... at the moment?” “It’s the financial report.”
A you read C are you reading B do you read D you are reading
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1. My dad works at the bank

2. Are you doing anything tonight? I am working late

3. This car belongs to the Managing Director

4. Tim is working late again. He rarely leaves work before 6

5. My plane leaves at 10 in the morning

Good luck :)

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