Напишите рассказ 70-80 слов на тему
\"Как я провёл время с семьей в парке\"​

мало баллов

сколько надо

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ekibayahmet 1 год назад
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Hi I'm (имя). I love my family so much. And I love to spend my time with their. Sometimes we going to the park next my house. Fortunately My family love a nature and something like that. In my park we have lot's good-looking flowers and some rarely plants.We have lots of chairs which we can sit in.And I want to tell all about that and this is dreamely park over! However I agree with this view, and love to going the park always in my free time. So I tell lot's of facts of my park next to me.In conclusion I want to tell I have got a dream like in future my parents is going to make a new popular park like my park next my house.But Unfortunately it's dream.

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